Plant - A gift that grows on you

Long Lasting

So much better than flowers that wither in couple of days.

Priceless memories

Your plant gift engages attention long after the occasion is over.

Nurture positivity

A plant gift touches the heart, opening doors for enriching relationships.

Healthy for all

Plants add oxygen to the air while detoxing the atmosphere.

Reduce stress

The colour green is known to reduce stress and soothe the spirit.

Good for the planet

Plants gifts are sustainable alternative to cut flowers as they give back to the environment.

Reduces noise pollution

Stems, leaves, branches and wood of plants absorb sound, creating a calming effect.

Increase productivity

Plants cheer you up, making you more efficient in everything you do.



Nothing brings a smile as quickly, and as surely, as a gift of a plant.


Plants make for a bold and eco-friendly
business gift.


Plants add beauty and life to a home, adding positive vibes.


No matter what the occasion – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or just to show someone you care – nothing brings a smile as quickly, and as surely, as a gift of a plant. At The Green Ribbon, our mission is to grow ‘green gifts’ that are cherished and loved by everyone – and can be shipped and home-delivered easily anytime, anywhere.

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Corporate Space

Whether as a mark of appreciation, a symbol of responsible corporate citizenship or a catalyst for strategic bonding - plants make for a clutter-breaking and eloquent business gift, one that leaves a lasting impressing. Use our emerald ideas to build eco-friendly ‘green offices’, create pressure-absorbing ‘soothing workspaces’ that nurture happy employees and boost productivity, and ‘green concepts’ that bring alive your meetings, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, launches and other events.

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Home Decor

Plants add beauty and life to a home, adding positive vibes, cleansing the environment and adding good cheer to conversations. We at TGR offer custom-crafted plant ideas for a variety of applications and occasions such as indoor installations, balcony makeovers, green landscaping and beyond. What’s more, if you live in Delhi-NCR, our ‘green consultants’ are just a call away.

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Himani Jena


An Accessory Designer from NIFT, Himani Jena combines a distinctive design sensibility, passion for green living and deep industry insights to drive forward TGR’s mission of turning plants into a ‘Go-To Gifting Option’ for all occasions by everyone. Himani works closely with experienced planters and ceramic stylists – blending her own design dexterities and out-of-the-box visualizations into the mix - to take her dream mission forward via exquisitely crafted green lifestyle ideas that one is proud to own, gift and share.

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